I'm Emre, a front end developer and a musician.

My journey into the world of technology started after graduating from university, but my love for creation has always been there. You see, before diving into code, I spent 8 thrilling years as a professional musician, DJ, and producer in the realm of electronic music. Just like crafting a perfect beat, I found joy in building mobile-responsive front-end UI applications that sing with seamless interaction.

I remember the moment it all clicked for me. I was working on a complex piece of music, and I realized that the process of layering sounds was not unlike layering code to create a visually stunning website. My tools? HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Next, and React. My goal? To create user interfaces that are as harmonious as a well-composed tune.

But my passion doesn't stop at the familiar. Much like exploring new musical genres, I'm always eager to learn and play with new technologies. In both music and programming, there's never just one way to create a masterpiece. This open-minded approach makes me a quick learner, ready to embrace and master whatever comes my way.

I firmly believe that being a great developer, like being a great musician, isn't about knowing one specific language inside and out. It's about the ability to choose the right tool for the job, and the magic that happens when everything falls into place.

So here I am, blending my love for music, movies, TV series, and wellness with my passion for web development. Ready to create, ready to innovate, and always ready for the next big challenge.